DTO-BioFlow Project to participate at the EMODnet Open Conference 2023

Banner for the participation to the EMODnet Conference
NHow, Brussles

We are pleased to announce that the DTO-BioFlow Project will participate in the 2023 EMODnet Open Conference, "Powering the European Data Ecosystem." 

The event, scheduled for November 29-30 in Brussels, promises a unique and significant stage for DTO-BioFlow for showcasing its cutting-edge plan to develop and integrate the biodiversity monitoring data into the Digital Twin of the Ocean via primary integrators and EMODnet. Attendees will have the chance to expand their networks, connecting with data providers, service providers, users, and stakeholders from across Europe and the world.

Carlota Muiz and Klaas Deneudt from the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) will represent the DTO-BioFlow project: they will pitch a poster introducing the project in the panel "EMODnet and the Digital Era" during the Community poster Plenary on November 29th from 18.10 to 18.50, providing an exceptional opportunity for the audience to hear about the project's innovation in the marine biodiversity data sharing domain.

Explore further details about the poster at the Virtual Exhibition, the online venue that complements physical Conference.

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