Successful conclusion of Data Grants Holders Workshop at VLIZ InnovOcean Campus, Ostend

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The DTO-BioFlow project is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the first Data Grants Holders Workshop, which took place at the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ). The workshop aimed to provide the participants from the awarded first Open Data Call projects with the essential skills to improve data quality control in accordance with international standards, and to make their datasets available to the EU Digital Twin Ocean (DTO) via EMODnet Biology. In Ostend's sunny setting, participants delved deep into the details and technicalities of the DTO-BioFlow project, encouraging collaboration, and knowledge exchange.
These three days dynamic program included informative presentations, interactive hands-on sessions, and networking opportunities designed to enhance the participants’ competencies in managing, standardising, and disseminating research data efficiently.

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Dr. Christina Pavloudi (EMBRC), coordinator of WP3 and major organizer of the event, remarked, “The workshop was a great opportunity to bring together people believing in open science, in sharing data and in the value of biodiversity. Their datasets will contribute data for a range of species, from plankton to whales, and they will be valuable additions to the EU DTO.” 




Empowering data providers: driving progress in EMODnet Biology and EurOBIS

Remarkable VLIZ researchers and mentors provided invaluable guidance and extensive introductions to EMODnet Biology and EurOBIS, highlighting the importance of FAIR data concepts and standards within the marine research field. Throughout the workshop, they provided strategic recommendations and practical insights to help each winning idea develop and succeed. 
Breakout sessions and practical demonstrations on Darwin Core standards, metadata management, quality control and publishing tools, further enriched the participants' skill sets, enabling them to navigate data transformation and quality control with confidence and getting them to re-shape their data to be uploaded to EMODnet Biology. Reflecting on the workshop's impact, Rubén Pérez Pérez data manager at VLIZ and mentor at the workshop, expressed "Project workshops like these are essential to optimise the data flow of very different data collecting initiatives towards the open integrated large repositories, regardless of their data management expertise and resources, allowing to close data gaps and reduce science biases."

Data Holders Training

As the event came to a close, representatives from each study were interviewed, providing more information about their research efforts. These interviews will be made available on the DTO-BioFlow website and YouTube channel in the coming weeks, expanding the workshop's reach and impact.

Data Holders Training
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