ICM-CSIC members from DTO-BioFlow project enhance stakeholder engagement at Ocean Decade Satellite Event

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Members of the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC) participating in the DTO-BioFlow project were among the attendees at the Ocean Decade Satellite Event “Ocean Observation Stakeholders' Dialogue: Priorities & Challenges for 2030”, held in Barcelona on April 8th. This event, which highlighted the importance of stakeholder engagement in advancing marine science, provided a platform for dialogue and collaboration within the ocean observation community. 

As part of the MINKE Project's efforts to foster connections and promote dialogue, representatives from the DTO-BioFlow project, Jaume Piera and Lydia Chaparro, contributed to discussions on common priorities and challenges related to marine data. Their participation underscores the Institute of Marine Sciences' commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration and its role in driving progress towards sustainable ocean management. Through initiatives like MINKE, which prioritize stakeholder engagement and knowledge-sharing, organizations like the ICM continue to play a crucial role in addressing the challenges of the Ocean Decade and promoting the long-term health of our oceans.

During the session, various experts from esteemed institutions contributed valuable insights into the dialogue. Giuseppe Magnifico from CNR (Italy) introduced the discussion, followed by Jaume Piera, Project Coordinator of MINKE from Institut de Ciències del Mar - CSIC (Spain), who provided an overview of the MINKE Project and its statement. Pieter Romer of Kongsberg Discovery (Germany) shared perspectives on sustainably supporting marine research, while Alicia Blanco from EuroGOOS (Belgium) introduced AMRIT (Advance Marine Research Infrastructures Together). Marta Álvarez from IEO-CSIC (Spain), with contributions from Maribel I. García-Ibáñez (IEO-CSIC, Spain) and Katrin Schroeder (CNR-ISMAR, Italy), discussed Med-SHIP's scientific rationale, implementation, achievements, and future outlook. The session was chaired by Alina Luna from Institut de Ciències del Mar - CSIC (Spain) and co-chaired by Lorenza Evangelista from CNR (Italy), ensuring a comprehensive and engaging exchange of ideas among participants. The event was wrapped up by Juan José Dañobeitia (CSIC) sharing a culmination of experiences.


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