DTO-BioFlow to participate in Ecopath 40 Years Conference in Oostende

Banner for Ecopath 40 Years Conference
InnovOcean Campus, Oostende, Belgium

DTO-BioFlow is excited to announce its participation in the Ecopath 40 Years conference, taking place from June 3-8, 2024, in Oostende. This esteemed event celebrates four decades of advancements using the 'Ecopath with Ecosim' (EwE) modelling approach, which is crucial for areas such as fisheries management, marine conservation, ecosystem dynamics, climate impacts, and ecosystem-based management (EBM).

Visit Our Booth

Attendees are encouraged to visit the DTO-BioFlow booth, where Carlota Fernández Muñiz from Vliz, the project coordinator, will be available to discuss how DTO-BioFlow's species abundance data can enhance ecosystem and food web modelling efforts.

Significance for Ecosystem Modelers

DTO-BioFlow's data provides valuable insights that are highly relevant for ecosystem modelers at the conference. Integrating these insights into EwE models can drive innovative research and practical applications, advancing the field significantly.

Join us in exploring the future of ecosystem modelling and discovering the impactful contributions of DTO-BioFlow at the Ecopath 40 Years conference.