Project management and coordination (WP1)

WP description

The Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) serves as the Strategic and Scientific Coordinator of the DTO-BioFlow Project, leading the Project Management Team (PMT) alongside Seascape Belgium (SSBE) in the capacity of Operational Manager. Together, they assume responsibility for overseeing milestones, ensuring the production of high-quality deliverables within established timelines and budgets, and instituting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor progress towards anticipated outcomes.

Key tasks

The PMT, operating through the management of Work Package 1, plays a pivotal role in empowering Work Package (WP) leads, engaging with the consortium, reporting to the European Commission, fostering collaboration with external projects (in coordination with WP6), and ensuring the archiving and accessibility (FAIR) or operationalization of all results post-project. 

The governance structure of the consortium will be executed through pertinent bodies, including the PMT and the Steering Committee (SC). The SC, comprising all WP leads, functions as the decision-making body, reviewing activities and progress while adhering to relevant legal framework.

Additionally, the PMT is tasked with facilitating internal project communication, organizing regular partner and steering committee meetings, and establishing collaborative work platforms. VLIZ and SSBE will manage legal, contractual, financial, and administrative responsibilities, ensuring the timely and high-quality submission of reports and deliverables. They will foster effective interaction between scientific and technical work packages and establish an External Advisory Board to enhance the impact of the project.

A Data Management Plan will be formulated to uphold the FAIR principles, with the PMT spearheading efforts to secure agreements with data owners to unlock missing biodiversity data. Lastly, VLIZ and SSBE will ensure compliance with relevant legislation concerning personal data

Key expected outcomes

  • A smoothly functioning and highly engaged consortium. 
  • Achievement of all milestones and production of quality and timely deliverables. 
  • Scientific excellence contributing to increased European biodiversity monitoring flows into the EU DTO
  • Increased access to FAIR biodiveristy data ù
  • Stakeholders have access to increased biodiversity monitoring data and innovative and digital reusable tools and services