Increasing flow of relevant biodiversity data (WP2)

WP description

Work Package 2 will evaluate the biodiversity data landscape to identify missing and necessary data to enable a functioning DTO to support the EU in achieving its biodiversity targets, led by the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea and Fondazione COISPA ETS. 

The challenge is to reactivate access to "sleeping" marine biodiversity data and enable the long-term integration of existing and new AI-processed and automated data flows from various sources to EMODnet and the EDITO infrastructure serving the EU Digital Twin of the Ocean (DTO).  

Key tasks

To attain this goal, the following actions will be taken: an overview of biodiversity monitoring frameworks will be constructed, and a prioritised inventory of inaccessible data sources will be created. WP2 will also examine the consequences of missing and inaccessible data and create a playbook on data access and availability barriers and solutions. Furthermore, WP2 will issue data grant requests to marine biodiversity organisations/data providers in order to build workflows and procedures that will enable and encourage data sharing of identified missing data.          
The first call attempts to remedy biodiversity gaps that have already been identified within EMODnet Biology dataflows that can become sustained dataflows and it has been launched on October 31 2023.          
Further information on the Open Call can be found on this page. The application period will go until January 17th, 2024, at 17.00 CET. 

Key expected outcomes

  • A better understanding of what is monitored and the consequence of these data not been readily available 
  • A ‘Shopping list’ of biodiversity data and techniques to unlock these data 
  • An increased flow of sustainable biodiversity data pipeline